How is our product so different?

We use RAW goat's milk from a local farmer that does not pasteurize the goat's milk. We do a cold process soap-making method that cures 4 to 6 weeks. The old fashion way with no chemicals.

506 East Lincolnway
Valparaiso IN, 46383

What do others use?

  1. Processed goats milk melt and pour soap base with tons of chemicals.
  2. Powder goats milk is added to the soap not raw liquid milk.
  3. Purchase goats milk at a store that has been pasteurized.
  4. Not a cold process where curing is necessary to make the soap natural

Our Story ~

I am a registered nurse that worked in surgery for over 25 years. I had said for years to my husband that I was supposed to make soap. It wasn't until we adopted our youngest daughter that caused me to think more seriously about it as her thyroid stopped working and caused her skin to dry up significantly. In the summer of 2017, I got sick. I awaited surgery for a two-month waiting list to see if my symptoms/tests were serious. Thankfully everything turned out great BUT it caused me to make a bucket list while waiting.

One of the things on my list was to finally make raw goats milk soap. A month after healing, I learned how to make soap. Using the soap in our home, our daughter's skin started to heal. Other's started to ask for bars of soap to try and then return to ask if they could buy it. A month later we were in 2 local retail stores. It was at Christmas time that my husband and I started praying about a store front location. A dear friend was selling his property at 506 East Lincolnway that was zoned residential and commercial. We purchased the home to live in it and put a soap shop in the front of the home. We are excited to see all God will continue to do with Buns soapbox.

Our Products


Soap Bars


Shampoo Bars


Lip Balms


Soap Savers


Lotion Sticks


Sugar Scrubs




Calendula Salve

Where are we located?

BUN's Soapbox is located downtown Valparaiso at 506 East Lincolnway Valparaiso, IN 46383.

We are soapery shop with all handmade products. Our specialty is RAW goats milk soap and shampoo. We have a full line of other products including:

  • sugar scrubs
  • deodorant
  • lip balm
  • bath soaks
  • shave kits for men
  • facial bars
  • facial serums
  • essential oils
  • bath bombs
  • lotion

Stop by and see us!